Frequently Asked Question

1. How does Twinklestars help students in need in China?

Students should apply for loans from the local government to pay their school fees. Twinklestars aims at offering scholarships to those who need financial assistance to pay for other expenses while they study in university.

A very encouraging phenomenon is that in the past years, a considerable number of scholarship recipients voluntarily requested Twinklestars to transfer the assistance due them to other needy students because their own financial situations had improved.

2. How to ensure that those who are really in need are selected?

We do the following:

  1. Seek help from local organizations such as village management committees, schools, and the education departments to verify that the applicants are really in need of assistance. We also request the persons in charge of the relevant organizations to countersign the application forms.
  2. Current and graduated scholarship recipients, committee members and voluntary workers of Twinklestars will interview the applicants and visit the homes of the applicants.            

3. How to ensure successful applicants receive the entirety of the money donated by sponsors?

We will deposit the entirety of the money donated by sponsors into an account which is set up by the local Education Department for this specific purpose. The money will then be transferred in its entirety to the student’s personal account. Every cent from the sponsor will go to the student sponsored.

4.What is the source of the operation costs of Twinklestars?

All the people who work for Twinklestars are voluntary workers. They not only do not receive any monetary rewards, but also pay for their own transport, food and lodging when they work for Twinklestars. All other expenses for administration and activities, such as the summer camp for students assisted, are paid through fundraising and sponsorship.

5. How can I help students in need through Twinklestars?

You can do so in 2 ways:

  1. Offer scholarships to help one or several students to pursue their degree course.
  2. Make a one-off donation to Twinklestars. You can specify the use of the donation, e.g. to sponsor an activity to promote Twinklestars.2.Make a one-off donation to Twinklestars. You can specify the use of the donation, e.g. to sponsor an activity to promote Twinklestars.

6. Do I know the student(s) whom I sponsor?

Yes, of course. In fact, it is our policy to pair up sponsors and assisted students as Star Fathers/Mothers and Stars, and to encourage them to liaise with each other. Stars are requested to keep their Star Fathers/Mothers informed about their life and studies. We hope that through this exchange, sponsors can experience further the joy of giving, while students can receive valuable guidance and encouragement.